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CCTV, Xianxi Television and Other Medias Continuously Reported the Relay for Life in Xianyang Airport with Sincere Services

Editor's Note: On February 16 & 17, the national and local mainstream Medias such as CCTV, Chinese Radio Network, CAAC, Shaanxi Daily, Shanxi Television, Sanqin Daily, Xi'an Evening Paper, Shanxi Traffic Radio, West Network and Shanxi Media Network, reported the moving story that Xianyang Airport relayed for life with their sincere services in two consecutive days and aroused strong repercussions.

On February 15, 9 Air AQ1051 flight carried out its task from Guangzhou to Urumchi. During the flight, a 39 year-old male passenger, Mr. Liu suddenly felt ill, the aircrew decided to make an urgent preparation for dropping at Xianyang Airport. After receiving the information, Xianyang Airport opened the green channel and relayed for life with their sincere services to make the sicken passenger get rescue at the first time.

Life above all! At 09:46 on that day, after receiving the dispatching information from 9Air, the command room of the onsite operational center at Xianyang Airport immediately started the emergency disposal plan. The onsite commander, Zhang Mianxun rapidly contacted with the controller of the traffic control tower to coordinate the nearby runway and placement for this flight as well as inform the medical and emergency department, safety inspection station, Ground Service Company and airport apron management department and other relevant safeguard unit for concentrating on the standby area at once.

At 10:46, the flight landed safely and skinned to the nearest aircraft stand. After the cabin door was opened, the emergency medical technicians assisted the sicken passenger to the ambulance immediately and made a complete inspection at the first time to monitor his vital signs and gave oxygen inhalation and rescue treatment, and soon sent him to the superior hospital for further treatment. The medical and emergency department regularly visited this passenger for his physical condition according to the rules.

At about 18:00 on 15, the passenger left the hospital and returned to Guangdong after being confirmed by such hospital to be nothing major. "Their services are really making me feel kind!" This passenger appraised the sincere services of Xianyang Airport when interviewed by media thereafter.