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Successful First Flight from Xi'an Direct to Silk Road in Central Asia

On p.m. 16:15, March 10, the B737 passenger plane of Kazakhstan SCAT airline carrying out the first flight task was landed on Xianyang airport, indicating the successful first flight from Xi'an direct to Silk Road in Central Asia. The route smoothly opened broke through the air channel from Shan'xi westward, further accelerating the deepened communication and cooperation between Shan'xi and Central Asia region, realizing a joint development and providing a strong support for the new start construction of the economic belt of the Silk Road in Shan'xi.

From 2013, the Group was actively blended in the big construction pattern of "One Belt and One Road", put forth efforts to strengthen the hub function of Xianyang airport, formally launched the construction of air Silk Road and formed the sailing plan of the flight from Xi'an to Central Asia based on the requirement to construct Shan'xi into the new start and bridge tower of the economic belt of Silk Road raised by Zhao Zhengyong, the Secretary of Shan'xi Province. In recent years, the Group solidly promoted to open navigation, actively suggested the provincial government to fight for the navigation opening right of Kazakhstan from the civil aviation administration, assisted the civil aviation administration to hold a workshop for the international air transport of the economic belt of Silk Road in Xi'an, negotiated with Kazakhstan SCAT airline for several rounds, and broke the traffic right limit of both sides, flight time application and other important items about navigation opening one by one. On January of this year, Shan'xi Province government and Kazakhstan SCAT airline entered into a aviation cooperation agreement of the air route, obtaining a decisive progress of air route opening.

In order to keep the continuous and stable operation of the air route, the Group insisted in taking the initiative, and organized to hold a special local travelling market survey conference, deeply connected market demands and facilitated the permits of the travelling group visa of the air route targeting week customer source market foundation, more limits on the visa to Kazakhstan and other adverse factors of limiting air route operation; actively report to relevant port join-inspection department to connect the guarantee measures and service standard matched in the airport and create conditions for the smooth air route opening through taking a series of measures.

Currently, Xianyang airport has own 36 international (regional) air routes, forming the air route network opening to 17 countries in the world and connected with 30 main economical cities and tourist attraction cities in Europe, America, Austria and Asia. During the"13th Five-Year Plan", the Group emphasized to create Xianyang airport into a large-scale international hub opening westwards, an airfreight hub of "One Belt and One Road", an important comprehensive traffic hub in the central and western regions of China, continuously perfected domestic and foreign air route network layout, sufficiently played the strategic industry function of civil aviation and better served the economic and social development of Shan'xi and the construction of the economic belt of Silk Road.

It is reported that the model of the airplane flying from Xi'an-Almaty is B737. It was planed to take off at 12:00 (Beijing time) on each Thursday from Almaty and land in Xi'an at 16:20 and take off at 17:20 from Xi'an and land in Almaty at 21:40 with the one-way flight time of 4 hours and 20 minutes.