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The Group Company Succeeded in Service Assurance in 2016 Spring Festival Rush

On March 3, the 40-day Spring Festival rush drew to a close. During the Spring Festival rush, the Group Company has generally guaranteed 4,286 air traffic movements, 5.1353 million passenger throughput, 26,560.4 t total cargo throughput, which increased by 9.5%, 8.6% and 7.3% year on year respectively, smoothly completing all service assurance work.

In order to meet the general requirements of "Safety First, Convenience and Efficiency, Sincere Service"of the Civil Aviation Administration, practically achieve the Spring Festival rush this year, the Group Company has warmed the passengers' way to return home with safety-oriented and sincere services. It has successively established a leading group for the safety service assurance work of the Spring Festival rush, issued documents for special arrangements and deployment, convened mobilization meeting for guaranteeing the Spring Festival rush and organized to develop the major safety service inspection and guided all member airports to accomplish the service assurance work for the Spring Festival rush. On February 5, Zhuang Changxin, Vice Governor of Shanxi Province, the group leader of the provincial leading group of Spring Festival rush, highly commented and fully affirmed the Group's work on Spring Festival rush when he inspecting such work on the Xinayang Airport.

All member airports have well organized the work with detailed scheme, strengthened various safety precautions and developed characteristic service activities to provide passengers with sincere services on the basis of the uniform deployment by the Group Company. Xianyang Airport paid attention to passengers' travel experiences in their whole journey by taking the utmost care of realizing their eager desire to home and developed "relay of love" activity aiming at the passengers above 60 years old who took plane for the first time; or arranged the specially-assigned person for handling the procedures and going through the safety check with priority until the passengers have been sent to the boarding gate; meanwhile, the Airport has established "Love Counter Service for Spring Festival Rush" to provide thoughtful services for the whole procedures from the check-in transaction to boarding, aiming at the special crowd such as passengers in wheelchair, the elderly, pregnant women and children and to offer free "Love Massage" service for the unaccompanied minors and the elderly for the extension of services from Xianyang Airport to the domestic and all over the world. Meanwhile, Xianyang Airport has opened green paths for rescuing passengers' life more than once and earned precious time to rescue the sicken passengers which have been continuously concerned and reported by the state and local medias such as CCTV, causing strong society repercussion.

Ningxia Airport Company positively strived for increasing the transport capacity from the airline company aiming at the characteristics of peak period of Spring Festival transportation, newly opened and concentrated the air lines and flights of 12 key cities such as the air lines from Yinchuan to Xi'an and Guangzhou, completed the network layout of air lines for Spring Festival rush, thus effectively relieving the tension of transport capacity during the Spring Festival rush. At the same time, the Group has specially launched the characteristic services of "1 Hot Line, 2 Appointment, 3 Exclusive Use" based on the reality of Yinchuan Airport to extrude the convenient and fast services; provided appointment and accompanied services for the special passengers such as the young and the old, the sick and the pregnant and the unaccompanied minors, as we ll as the passengers who take plane for the first time; organized the young volunteer to develop the activities for guiding and assisting the passengers in the terminal building when in a peak of flights and large area of flights delay and promoting the service quality constantly to guarantee the quiet and comfortable travel for the passengers.

Qinghai Airport Company developed the theme activities of "Harmonious Spring Festival with Sincere Services" to offer warm and sweet travel for passengers. It carried out the "customized" ticket-selling service aiming at different passenger groups to guarantee their consumption needs; developed "Sweet Little Bees" guidance to initiatively remind passengers for consigning their lithium batteries, power bank and other dangerous goods, and articles such as wine, acidophilus milk and toilet requisites, and helped them to solve the practical problem; established "Sunshine Bosom Friend Service Counter for Security Check" to move some common problems needed to be handled and explained within the security check channel forward to the pending inspection area for being treated by the specially-assigned person to improve the release speed as well as increased additional security check channel and double unpacking post to effectively shorten the waiting time; developed "One-to-one" service coordinating with the "Warm winter activities" and increased the service "temperature" for guaranteeing the in-time service information of special passengers, service conformance to standard and best service experience.

The industrial cooperation overhauled all operating vehicles in advance for eliminating all security risks to ensure the normal operations of the vehicles and equipments during the festival; made the best of GPS positioning system for real time monitoring to guarantee the comprehensive safety of Spring Festival rush; opened up the lines for west passenger station, Textile City Station and north passenger station to perfect the key transportation junction layout of the east, south, west and north orientations in Xi'an City; increased the departure frequency, coordinated and sent additional commuting vehicles to meet the travel requirements of the broad passengers.

The ground service company has strictly executed the standardization management of flights and strengthened node control and dynamic resource allocation; increased the peripheral guidance strengthen and carried out the asking system of job responsibility to solve problem for passengers on site; added counter decoration for New Year through writing words "Fu" and other greetings by employees to build strong and warm festive air; improved the freight transport efficiency and increased the guarantee force of the seafood cargos, delivered the fresh flowers and seafood cargos in priority and fully ensure the flight to be safety and punctual running, passengers' convenient travel and high efficient transportation of cargos and luggage through a series of measures, careful organization and thorough arrangements, which has achieved good reputation from all passengers.

The next step, the Group Company will continue to promote the service quality constantly according to the concept of sincere services, sing the brand of sincere services and strive to build the services as the local competitive product and industrial marker post to be a spirit, state and competitive power for pushing the service quality to another new level and providing safe and comfort flying environment and efficient and convenient services with high quality for passengers.