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The Group Company Achieved Full Fruitful Results in Spiritual Civilization

On March 2, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shanxi Province convened the enterprise party building and discipline inspection and supervision working conference, of which the civilization units of province enterprises in 2015 were praised. Hanzhong Airport Company and Simple Business Club have been awarded with the honors. The Group Company has achieved fruitful results in the spiritual civilization.

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the Group Company has sung highly the main melody and carried forward the truth, the good and the beautiful, developed the positive energy and established new fashion in the whole Group by sticking to keep in line with the standard of the national leadership, taking the cultivation and practice of socialism core values as the main line, taking the enterprise cultural construction as the carrier, and coagulated the spiritual strength and driving force in the cadres and employees for promoting the development.

Since the development of the establishment of province enterprise civilization units, Hanzhong Airport Company has taken the spiritual civilization as one of the core contents for improving the enterprise, deeply carried out the civilization construction by closely centering on the practical situations of the civil and military airport and set foot on the main battlefield of the flights, and successively started the joint development of civilization units by the military and civilian, police and civilian; cooperated with the government to bring out the tickets to benefit the people and those with bargain price for college entrance examination and make more people to enjoy the benefits brought by the development of the civil aviation; and has expanded the battle field for public benefit by means of adding LED screen in the terminal building and VIP lounge, constructing the morality gallery with socialism core values and installing the light box advertising; positively fulfilled the social responsibility, held various public benefit activities, developed the assistance and joint development of "Beautiful Village"which have played the bridge and link roles of the civilization in the development of the airport and the harmonious society and set up a good image of the harmonious airport. Simple Business Club has brought the establishment of the spiritual civilization into its integral development plan and the scope of the annual objectives responsibility assessment, formulated the general plan and implementation plan for establishing the civilization unit and formed the target system of guidance and stage advancement; increased the service innovation force by taking the theme activities of "Change Conception, Resolve Problems and Promote Quality" as carrier, and practically improved the passengers experience, perception and satisfaction; established good atmosphere of solidarity and harmony inside the Company through opening the operating decision and other significant problems to employees, holding remedial classes for promotion and carrying out a series of specific measures, such as developing the professional skill competition and convening the employee forum for "Chinese Dream, My Dream", combining with the team construction, democratic management, employees spiritual civilization training.

Next step, the Group Company will exert the principal role of the large cadres and employees in the spiritual civilization, strongly encourage popular participation in building spiritual civilization and constantly innovate the working mechanism, contents, carriers and methods to establish solid foundation for winning nine tough battles in 2016, and provide the ideological guarantee, spiritual strength and morality nourish for achieving the Group's spanning development.