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Hanzhong Airport Opening Hanzhong-Haikou Regular Tourist Chartered Flight Air Route

January 11 marked the official opening of the Hanzhong-Haikou Regular Tourist Chartered Flight Air Route flown by Capital Airlines. The Opening Ceremony was joined by Dang Zhenqing, deputy mayor of Hanzhong, Xu Youye, secretary general of Hanzhou Municipal Government, Kang Husheng, deputy secretary general of Hanzhou Municipal Government, and directors from the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, the Municipal Airport Administration, the Municipal Government Offices Administration, Hantai District Government and Chenggu County Government, and garrison officials. The new air route has unfolded the government-airport -tourism enterprise partnership for common market development, increased tourist passengers for main business development of Hanzhong Airport, and given new drive for economic and social development of Hanzhong.

Since the New Airport was put into operation in August 2014, Hanzhong Airport Corporation has insisted on the airline market main battlefield strategy to mobilize resources and win policy and fund support from local governments. After opening the Hanzhong-Xi`an-Beijing, Hanzhong-Shenzhen and Hanzhong-Shanghai air routes, Hanzhong Airport has covered air routes to Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Meanwhile, Hanzhong Airport has urged the government to lead field trips to Bijie of Guizhou Province, Zhongwei of Ningxia and other local governments and airports, amend and improve the Hanzhong Incentive Methods of Developing Airline Market and Promoting Tourism Development. The sharply increased incentives to tourist chartered flights have fully mobilized the initiative and enthusiasm of local tourism enterprises involving in the development of airline market. The weekly flight takeoffs and lands of Hanzhong Airport have increased from 14 in the beginning of flight opening to 32 now. With a flight release rate over 98% and a passenger throughput over 160,000, the average passenger load factor, flight yield rate and other operational indicators have been higher than expected.

It`s understood that Hanzhong-Haikou Tourist Chartered Flight will be flying A320 of Capital Airlines from January 11 to March 25. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the airplane will take off in Haikou at 19:05 and land in Hanzhong at 22:20. Since its launch, the flight has been well received, with 171 passengers on the first flight.