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Yan`an Airport`s Passenger Throughput Topping 20 Million

December 4 saw the passenger throughput of Yan`an Airport topping 20 million with the operation of Flight HU7389 of Hainan Airlines, a new passenger throughput record since the opening of Yan`an Airport in 57 years.

To accomplish the tasks this year, Yan`an Airport has been taking multiple measures centering on the main airline business development idea of "stable operation, potential tapping, market expansion, air route prolonging" to realize rapid main business growth. By increasing efforts in developing airline market and improving passenger load factor, Yan`an Airport has won air route and flight subsidiary and policy support from the government after repeated communications for more transport capacity investments; working with airliners to introduce ticket sales policies, Yan`an Airport has offered RMB 50 Yan`an-Xi`an special tickets and Yan`an-Chongqing preferential group tickets; while sending employees to launch marketing campaigns in business units and hotels of surrounding counties and within the city, Yan`an Airport has increased efforts in new media advertising by posting flight information in WeChat, LED displays and websites; flight adjustments and major government events have been utilized to convene airline conferences, organize main business development seminars and situation analysis conferences to identify problems and shortcomings in development, put forward improvement ideas and measures; all these efforts have allowed Yan`an Airport to realize sharp passenger throughput growth despite of the decrease of flights.

In the upcoming years, Yan`an Airport will continue to work hard and explore innovations to make new achievements of main business development.