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A Group Led by Governor of Qinghai Province Hao Peng Inspected Guoluo Airport Construction Project

On August 13th, accompanied by Secretary of Provincial Government Gao Hua, Deputy Secretary Shang Yulong, as well as leaders of Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Department of Construction, Forestry Department and Tourism Authority and other related units, Governor of Qinghai Province Hao Peng and Vice Governor Yan Jinhai inspected Guoluo Airport construction project.

The group led by Governor Hao Peng visited the construction site of the airport and listened to the report made by some of the leaders of Guoluo Airport Construction Section on the completion of the project, future work plans as well as the progress of preliminary work, etc. and the group expressed satisfaction with the construction work of the airport. Governor Hao Peng pointed out that the construction of Guoluo Airport plays an important role in developing local tourism economy, improving the local traffic conditions and accelerating the economic and social development of Guoluo. He required that the airport company shall proceed with confidence and accelerate the construction progress to ensure that the check flight is successfully made in 2015. In the meantime, the construction quality shall be strictly and such difficulties as vile weather and short effective construction period shall be overcome to build Guoluo Airport into a high-grade project. He also required the government to increase the support to the airport construction effort and closely cooperate with the airport in a bid to complete the construction of the airport as early as possible and make due contribution to the economic and social development of Guoluo.

Shi Zhe, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Qinghai Airport Company, that accompanied the inspection, noted that since its initiation of construction, Guoluo Airport has drawn great attention and support from the provincial Party Committee and provincial government as well as prefecture Party Committee and prefecture government, and the airport company will strive to live up to the expectations of the provincial government by carrying out scientific planning and meticulous organization so as to ensure various tasks of the airport are completed with guaranteed quality and quantity and to the satisfaction of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government and people of various ethnicities of Guoluo Prefecture.