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Hanzhong Municipal Government Held a Press Conference on the Open-up of Hanzhong Chenggu Airport

On the morning of July 28th, Hanzhong Municipal Government held a press conference to give a briefing for the open-up of Hanzhong Chenggu Airport, flight route of Hanzhong—Xi’an—Beijing as well as the implementation of Interim Measures of Hanzhong to Launch New Flight Routes for Promoting Tourism Development. 9 provincial media in Hanzhong, including Shaanxi Daily and Shaanxi Radio and Television, etc., 4 local media, including Hanzhong TV and Hanzhong Daily, etc. as well as some of the network media attended the conference.

Kang Husheng, vice mayor of Hanzhong Municipal Government, introduced that, according to the market demand and the direction of passenger flow of Hanzhong aviation market, two flight routes will be opened at initial stage on the basis of several times of communication and coordination with related airline companies: The first one is Hanzhong—Xi’an—Beijing, operated by China Eastern Airlines Northwest Branch, and will be officially opened on August 13rd; the other one is Hanzhong—Shenzhen, for which, the municipal government has reached an agreement with China Southern Airlines Shenzhen Branch, and minutes of talks have been filed for this purpose. The Shenzhen Branch is submitting related materials to the South Airlines for approval according to the approval flow, and the opening time will be notified otherwise after the approval is completed. In the future, other flight routes will be gradually opened according to the flight route layout of Hanzhong Chenggu Airport and the market demand.

To expand the tourist market and improve the seat occupancy of the flight routes of Hanzhong Chenggu Airport, fully mobilize the tourist attraction enthusiasm of the scenic spots and travel agencies, encourage the tourists’ access of Hanzhong Chenggu Airport, and foster Hanzhong aviation market, director of Hanzhong Heritage & Tourism Bureau, announced that all the passengers taking the flights of Hanzhong Chenggu Airport are entitled to a 50% discount to any of the scenic sports in Hanzhong by showing valid documents such as boarding card and ID card, etc. Award will be offered to the travel agency that organizes the local people to take the flight of Hanzhong Chenggu Airport. Du Fangzhi, deputy general manager of market department of Eastern Airlines Northwest Branch introduced the flight plan, sales price and transit products and so forth to the media. It is said that Eastern Airlines will launch special tickets at its initial flight week, RM 100 for Hanzhong—Xi’an route and a 60% discount for Hanzhong—Beijing route.

It is reported that Hanzhong Chenggu Airport has comprehensively completed the construction task as well as the preparatory work before the opening for air traffic service, and the open-up of Hanzhong Chenggu Airport is a long-awaited event for the 3.84 million people in Hanzhong. It has great practical and profound historical significance for improving the transportation system of Hanzhong, bettering the urban functions, elevating the taste of the city, expanding the influence of the city, deepening the economic and cultural communication and cooperation with the outside, advancing the construction of “three cities”, and promoting the economy of Hanzhong to develop in a sound and rapid manner. Especially, it brings new opportunities and constructs new platform for the great development of tourism in Hanzhong.