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Hanzhong Chenggu Airport Completed and Open to Air Traffic Service

On August 13th, Hanzhong City was full of sunshine and festivity. At 17:28, amid the expectations of Hanzhong people, an Airbus 320 airliner, carrying more than 100 representatives of Red Army veterans, retired veteran cadres, labor models, workers, peasants and intellectuals, landed in the beautiful Hanhong Airport smoothly, which symbolizes the official open-up of Hanzhong Chenggu Airport. The long-awaited wish of 3.84 million Hanzhong people has ultimately realized at this moment.
After taxiing in the airport apron, the plane was received by cartoon dolls with local char

acteristics of Hanzhong—“Four Treasures of Qinling”, namely, crested ibis, panda, takin, and golden monkey—on behalf of the entire Hanzhong people. Afterwards, Hanzhong municipal Party committee, municipal government and the corporation jointly held a pragmatic and frugal inauguration ceremony at Hanzhong Airport. The ceremony participants include Wei Zengjun, Secretary-general of Hanzhong Municipal Party Committee, Wang Jianjun, Mayor of Hanzhong City, Wang Tingliang, Deputy Director of Shaanxi Provincial State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Yu Wenliang, Deputy Director of Northwest Civil Aviation Authority, Chi Ganxin, Deputy Director of Northwest Civil Aviation Air Traffic Control Bureau, Zeng Shunfu, President of Corporation, Zhu Li, Vice President of the Corporation, Sun Jianmin, Deputy Director of Shaanxi Civil Aviation Authority, Du Dongsheng, Party Secretary of China Eastern Airlines Northwest Branch, as well as leaders from Lanzhou Air Command, Hanzhong People's Congress, Hanzhong People's Political Consultative Committee, Shaanxi Aircraft Company, each county, district and economic development zone of Hanzhong, as well as Chenggu People's Congress, Chenggu People's Political Consultative Committee. The ceremony was presided by Dang Zhenqing, Vice Mayor of Hanzhong.

At the ceremony for inauguration of flight services, Sun Jianmin, Deputy Director of Shaanxi Civil Aviation Authority, issued the civil airport use permit to Hanzhong Chengdu Airport on behalf of the industry and government. Wei Zengjun, Secretary-general of Hanzhong Municipal Party Committee, declared the completion and open-up of the Hanzhong Chenggu Airport.

Corporation President Zeng Shunfu addressed the ceremony and he said that for years, the group has been actively mobilized the advantages of strategic coordination, resource sharing and cultural integration in a bid to accelerate the airport construction and integrate regional aviation resources, and it plays an important role in promoting the regional economic and social development. He pointed out that Hanzhong Chenggu Airport construction project is an important initiative of our province in further optimizing the civil aviation transportation network, and the project has been a focus of concern among all walks of society. In order to accelerate the construction of the new airport in Hanzhong and build top-notch project, the group concentrated the advantageous resources and mobilized professionals for meticulous organization and scientific construction, and braved all the difficulties to complete the airport construction task and preparatory work for the open-up. The official open-up of the new airport of Hanzhong will greatly improve the transportation conditions in Hanzhong and exert positive and profound influence on the prosperity and social progress of Hanzhong and even the south Shaanxi area.

Yu Wenliang, Deputy Director of Northwest Civil Aviation Authority, pointed out in his address that, the completion and open-up of Hanzhong Chenggu Airport is of great significance in perfecting the civil aviation network layout, prospering the regional aviation market, and further promoting the civil aviation undertaking and local economy of Shaanxi. He noted that the authority will continue to care for and support the development of civil aviation in Shaanxi and offer support and encouragement such aspects as construction fund and aviation industry policy. He hoped that the corporation will make full use of its rich experience in airport construction, operation and management to promote the sound and rapid development of Shaanxi civil aviation undertaking. He also hoped that each units of the civil aviation will cooperate perfectly with on mind to effectively integrate the aviation resources in a bid to make greater contribution to the sound development of aviation undertaking in Shaanxi as well as the whole northwest regions.

In an address made by Wang Jianjun, Mayor of Hanzhong, on behalf of Hanzhong Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, it is pointed out that the completion and open-up of Hanzhong Chenggu Airport symbolizes the preliminary formation of the ground-air, rapid and convenient three-dimensional traffic system, and it will play an important role in highlighting the location advantage, optimizing investment environment, expanding opening-up, promoting the economic transformation and upgrading, and accelerating the development of Hanzhong. It also serves as an air bridge that connects Hanzhong with the country and even the world, and greatly empowers Hanzhong in realizing the goal of constructing “three cities” and building moderately prosperous society.

It is reported that Hanzhong Chenggu Airport is located at Liulin Town, Hanzhong City and is 17km away from the urban area of Hanzhong. The State Council and the Central Military Commission approved the project on August 31st, 2011. The National Development and Reform Commission and the General Staff Headquarters made joint approval for the feasibility study report on July 15th, 2013 to confirm that the total investment for the current project is RMB 618 million, and the airport is designed to meet the requirements of passenger throughput of 300,000 person-time and cargo throughput of 1300 tons expected in 2020. The runway is 2,500m long and 45m wide, the flight zone belongs to Class 4C, capable of accommodating the take-off and landing of Boeing 737, Airbus 320 and other plane models.

After the airport is open to air traffic service, Eastern Airlines will launch the flight route of Hanzhong—Xi’an—Beijing, and the flight No. is MU2217/8. The daily flight leaves in the morning and returns in the evening: taking off from Hanzhong at 07:20, arriving in Xi’an at 08:00, and then taking off from Xi’an at 08:55, and arriving in Beijing at 10:55; taking off from Beijing at 19:00, arriving in Xi’an at 20:55, taking off from Xi’an at 22:10 and arriving in Hanzhong at 22:50.