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NPC Representatives in Shaanxi Went to Xianyang Airport for Inspection and Survey

On September 10th, the task force of "Development of Mixed Ownership Economy"that comprises part of the NPC representatives in Shaanxi went to Xianyang Airport to carry out inspection and survey and held a symposium. Zeng Fushun, Corporate President, Zhang Wenge, General Manager of Xianyang Airport, Qin Zhanxin, Deputy President of the Corporation, Tang Xiaofeng, Party Secretary of Xianyang Airport as well as the leaders from relevant institutions and departments of the corporation and related units attend the symposium. President Zeng Fushun presided the symposium.

Led by Xu Xinrong, Party Secretary of Weinan, the team of investigation comprises 14 persons, including relevant leaders of Provincial People's Congress and delegation members. Accompanied by General Manager Zhang Wenge, Vice President Qin Zhanxin, and Party Secretary Tang Xiaofeng, the team inspected part of the important infrastructural facilities of Xianyang Airport. The team of investigation firstly came to T3 terminal building and comprehensive transportation hub, and visited the departure hall, security channel, waiting areas and centralized business district. And General Manager Zhang Wenge gave a detailed introduction of the inbound and outbound processes, regional pattern of the building as well as the facilities and equipment. The representatives spoke highly of the design concept, planning & layout and structural functions of the T3 terminal building. Afterwards, the team of investigation came to the new cargo section of Xianyang Airport to conduct a focus inspection for the business department, domestic cargo terminal, cargo flight and international warehouse, etc., and they also watched process demonstrations, such as the operation of board-making machine for large pieces of cargo, etc. All of them gave complements when they were told that the cargo in the airport can reach the European and American countries, and the service quality of the airport have reached internationally advanced level.

In the following symposium, the team of investigation firstly watched the corporate culture publicity video of the corporation. Afterwards, Vice President Qin Zhanxin gave a report about the economic conditions of the mixed ownership of the corporation from three aspects, namely, basic conditions of the corporation, performance of development and effects achieved, and he also listed out the existing problems and suggestions.

After listening to the report, the leaders of the team of investigation fully affirmed the achievements that the corporation had made in developing the mixed ownership economy.
At the end of the symposium, President Zeng Shunfu said that the corporation shall continuously improve the level of management in the future development, enhance the quality of development, further implement the work arrangements concerning the deepening of the enterprise reform made by the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government and Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, prompt the enterprises to increase efficiency and carry out transformation and upgrading, and make full use of the corporation service to promote the local economic and social development so as to make greater contribution for advancing  the construction of New Silk Road Economic Development Zone and building the "Three Shaanxi" in an all-around manner.