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Good News Roll in to West Airport Group during Summer Transportation: Main Business Production of Each Member Unit Achieve All-time Highs in Succession

With thearrival of summer vacation, each member unit has ushered in peak passenger flow, with the aircraft movements, passenger and cargo throughput achieve all-time highs in succession.

Xianyang Airport: The Daily Aircraft MovementsExceeded 760

Following the day of July 10th, when the daily passenger throughput made a breakthrough of 90,000 person-time, the aircraft movements in Xianyang Airport as well as the passenger throughput gained constant rise, and the aircraft movements reach 767 on the day July 24th, with passenger throughput reaching 91961 person-time, an increase of 11% and 8% respectively compared with the same period of last year, reaching a new record high.

It is reported that in the peak period of summer vacation, the passenger flow in Xianyang Airport mainly comprises students, tourists bound to the summer resorts as well as businessmen. The domestic passenger flow is mainly bound to Beijing, Guangzhou, Urumqi, Xining, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Kunming, Yinchuan and Lanzhou, etc.; the international passenger flow is mainly bound to Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Helsinki and Moscow, etc.

Yinchuan Airport: Daily Passenger Throughput Exceeded 20,000 Person-time

Since summer vacation, Yinchuan Airport witnessed a gradual climb of passenger throughput which reached 20,185 person-time on July 25th, and the aircraft movements rech 150 on the same day, achieving a daily record high since 2014. Up to the July 25th, the aircraft movements in Yinchuan Airport have reached 22,800, an increase of 9.05% compared with the same period of last year; the passenger throughput reached 2469,000 person-time, an increase of 9.44% compared with the same period of last year.

With the constant rise in flights and passenger throughput, Ningxia Airport Company, with reference to the previous experience in guaranteeing summer vacation transportation, reinforced the organization and coordination of the transportation support departments, and strengthened the work in aviation security, passenger service, flight operation quality management and control, airport apron operation, weather forecast, flight security in thunderstorm season as well as information communication so as to greatly improve the airport support capabilities.

Xining Airport: Daily Passenger Throughput Made A Breakthrough of 20,000 Person-time

On July 26th, the daily passenger throughput of Xining Airport has reached 21,528 person-time, a breakthrough of 20,000 person-time for the first time. This is a new record high following a continuing refreshing of historic data on July 17th (18,659 person-time) and July 19th (19,932 person-time).

From thisyear, Qinghai Airport Company has continued its efforts to strengthen marketing as evidenced by the addition of 11 navigable points, including Nanning, Changchun and Shi Jiazhuang, etc. and 16 flight routes, and the goal of "reaching every provincial capital" is basically realized. In the meantime, the company continues to deepen the strategic cooperation with China Southern Airlines and Xiamen Airlines to introduce 4 overnight transportation flights from China Southern Airlines and 1 overnight transportation flight from Xiamen Airlines, and the total number of overnight flights in Xining Airport have reached 12.
Yushu Airport: Flights Added for Third Time This Year to Ease the Pressure of Support

On July 26th, Yushu Airport, with the great support from Qinghai Airport Company, coordinated with Eastern Airlines and required the addition of flight for another time between July 26th to August 31st.This is another requirement for the addition of flight following the second addition of the 3rd flight on July 22nd by Eastern Airlines. Currently, the Eastern Airlines fly a total of 4 flights per day which effectively ease the pressure of passenger flow.  

According to the statistics, Yushu Airport provide air traffic service for 10 sorties on July 26th, the tourists accessing the airport reach 927 person-time, and on this day, Yushu Airport witnessed the most sorties and the largest passenger flow of all time. 

Xiahe Airport: Ushering in the Peak of Production Guarantee for the First Time

July is a tourist rush season in Gannan, and the airport respectively witnessed the peak days of transportation since the launch of the Xi'an-Lanzhou-Xiahe flight routes, and on July 24th and 26th, the passengers accessing Xiahe Airport reached 160 person-time and 175 person-time respectively, wherein, the team passengers reached a total of more than 200 person-time.

From this year, Xiahe Airport Branch takes initiatives to actively explore thetourism market; reinforce marketing and promote the development of main business; take proactive efforts to strive to make breakthrough in cargo transportation. As of July 28th, the passenger throughput of Xiahe Airport reached 8,419 person-time, and the cargo throughput exceeded 10 tons, where, the cargo transportation business has completed the yearly quota of 6 tons half a year in advance. 

Ground Service Company: Daily Passenger Throughput Made A Breakthrough of 40,000 Person-time

Ever since thesummer vacation, the productivity of the ground service company gains great momentum. In July, the number of flights under the management of the ground service company continued to climb with the arrival of the peak period of summer transportation, the number of daily flights increased from 310 sorties to 360 sorties. On July 19th, the daily passenger throughput of the flights under the management of the company reached a record highby making a breakthrough of 45,000 person-time, with an increase of nearly 10% compared with the same period of last years, accounting for 47% of the total passenger throughput of the airport and equivalent to that of a medium-scale airport.