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Yulin Yuyang Airport

 Initially built in 1958, Yulin Airport was successively relocated to Nanjiao Airport, Xisha Airport and Yuyang Airport, and correspondingly affiliated to Air Force, Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Civil Aviation, and Northwest Authority of Civil Aviation. From October 2003, the airport was taken over by West Airport Corporation (Shaanxi Province Airport Management Company) for management. The airport was officially put into use in April 2008. The Yulin Airport belongs to Class 4C, the terminal building has an area of 10,600 m2, and the runway is 2,800m long, capable for accommodating the take-off and landing of Boeing 737 series and Airbus 319, 320 and other Class C plane models. 

In recent years, Yulin Airport has always adhered to be work thought of "taking security as cornerstone, main business as main line, expansion as key factor, stability as general situation and clean governance as bottom line", to continuously expand the space of development, constantly optimize security service, strenuously reinforce the management level, and ensure the sustainable and rapid development of the company. In 2012, the passenger throughput of the airport made a breakthrough of 1 million person-time, becoming the first regional airport with passenger throughput exceeding 1 million person-time in Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia and Qinghai provinces. In 2014, Yulin Airport successively established cooperative relationship with Air China and China Airlines, and facilitated the China Eastern Airlines to launch second overnight transport flight in Yulin Airport, and Yulin Airport has thus provided operating services for four major domestic airline companies and become the first regional airport in northwest that is in possession of two overnight transportation flights. In the meantime, Yulin Airport witnesses great improvement in airline transportation structure, flight route network layout and operation quality as evidenced by an addition of 17 flight routes, 21 navigable points and 11 co-operating airline companies. The number of daily flights of "Xi'an-Yulin Express" has increased to 17, and 6 flight routes and 5 navigable points have been opened up, namely, Yulin-Chengdu (non-stop), Dlian-Yulin-Xining, Yulin-Xi'an-Hangzhou, Yulin-Xi'an-Qingdao, Yulin-Xi'an-Xiamen, and Yulin-Xi'an-Chengdu, not only realizing the full navigation with three major airports of the group but also successfully docking with 15 domestic airports with passenger throughput exceeding 10 million person-time. The ranking of the airport climbs from the 74th position in 2008 to the 52nd position.