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Xining Caojiapu Airport

Caojiapu Airport, previously Lejiawan Airport located at the east suburban area of Xining, was initially built in 1931. On May 17th, 1985, the State Council and the Central Military Commission approved the reconstruction of Xining Caojiapu Airport, which was built into a Class 4D airport. In December 1991, Xining Caojiapu Airport was completed and put into use. Phase I expansion project was completed in November 2005 and Phase II expansion project was completed in July 2013, and after the expansion, the runway is 3800m long and 45m wide; there are 13 air-bridges and 29 parking bays, capable of of providing proper air service for large-scale planes and Airbus A330 aircraft and other models below this level. The Phase II terminal building has an area of 42000 m2, capable of meeting the requirements of annual passenger throughput of 8 million person-time. The Phase III project of Xining Airport is expected to start in 2018.

From 2009 to 2013, Xining Airport maintains a yearly passenger growth rate of more than 20%, ranking top among the provincial capital cities in the country. In 2013, the passenger throughput made a breakthrough of 3 million person-time. Currently, Xining Airport has opened 52 flight routes that can reach 39 cities and connect with all the provincial capital cities nationwide except Lanzhou.