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Successful First Flight from Xi'an Direct to Silk Road in Central Asia [2016-03-18]
CCTV, Xianxi Television and Other Medias Continuously Reported the Relay for Lif... [2016-03-18]
The Group Company Succeeded in Service Assurance in 2016 Spring Festival Rush [2016-03-18]
The Group Company Achieved Full Fruitful Results in Spiritual Civilization [2016-03-18]
NPC Representatives in Shaanxi Went to Xianyang Airport for Inspection and Surve... [2014-11-12]
Ceremony for Inauguration of Xi'an--Paris Flight Route Held in Xianyang Air... [2014-11-12]
Good News Roll in to West Airport Group during Summer Transportation: Main Busin... [2014-11-12]
Hanzhong Chenggu Airport Completed and Open to Air Traffic Service [2014-11-12]
Governor of Gansu Province Liu Weiping Inspected the Longnan Chengzhou Civil Air... [2014-11-12]
Haixi Delhi Airport Completed and Open to Service [2014-11-12]
Xianyang Airport Officially Implements 72-hour Transit Without Visa (TWOV) Polic... [2014-11-12]
Airways Express between Xi'an and Yulin Opened Officially [2010-07-07]
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